Benefits of Bamboo

Body temperature regulation

The cross-section of the fibres makes bamboo excellent for regulating body temperature on both warm and cold days.

Organic Origin

No pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers. Bamboo is grown with only rainwater. In addition, all the water used in production is recycled and reused.

Moisture absorbing

Moisture absorption of bamboo is 2x better than cotton. It keeps your skin healthy and fresh.

Bamboo Soft

 Designed for anyone looking to experience true bamboo softness and comfort. Items are available in beige colours for men and women and every item is made with 80% bamboo viscose.

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Long Boyshorts - Meta BambooLong Boyshorts - Meta Bamboo
Bamboo Soft
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Wide Waist Briefs - Meta BambooWide Waist Briefs - Meta Bamboo
Bamboo Soft
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Camisole - Meta BambooCamisole - Meta Bamboo
Bamboo Soft
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Tank Top - Meta BambooTank Top - Meta Bamboo
Bamboo Soft
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T-Shirt - Meta BambooT-Shirt - Meta Bamboo
Bamboo Soft
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Shirt - Meta Bamboo
Bamboo Soft
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