Long Boyshorts - Meta Bamboo
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Long Boyshorts - Meta Bamboo
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Long Boyshorts - Meta Bamboo
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Long Boxershorts

Color: White
Size: XL/XXL
Product description

Natural Bamboo Long Boxershorts are skin-friendly, comfortable and seamless, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Bamboo is amazing and feels like a blend of cashmere and silk. The waist is reinforced in seamless way.

  • Bamboo is thermoregulating, keeping you warm during winter and cool during summer.
  • Seamless and elastic-free design doesn't cause skin irritation, itching or scratching.
  • Bamboo feels like a blend of cashmere and silk. It is hypoallergenic and suitable for everyone with sensitive skin
  • Colouring used for Natural Bamboo Collection is environmentally friendly.
  • Bamboo helps keep your skin healthy and sweat free by wicking 3-4x more moisture than cotton.
  • Bamboo has micro-spaces and micro-gaps, allowing your skin to breathe.
  • Quick moisture wicking helps reduce unpleasant odours and bacteria from forming.
  • 70% Bamboo Viscose, 22% Polyamide, 8% Elastane
  • The model is 172 cm / 5’6 and wears a size S/M
  • Made in EU
About Bamboo

Bamboo feels like a blend of cashmere and silk on your skin. It's skin-friendly, softer, smoother than regular Cotton.

Bamboo is great for sensitive skin. It won't cause an allergic reaction, itching or irritated skin.

Moisture absorbtion of bamboo is 2x better than cotton. It keeps your skin healthy and sweat-free.

Bamboo is full of micro-holes and micro-gaps, allowing better ventilation and body temperature regulation.

Fast moisture absorption prevents bacteria from forming, thus reducing unpleasant odors.

Bamboo grows extremly fast, it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen compared to hardwood trees. It requires less water than cotton and no pesticides.

Bamboo is very durable and long-lasting. It will not lose its shine or structure even after several washing cycles.

The Environment

Bamboo is a fast growing and requires almost no maintenance. Because of bamboo's rapid growth and low maintenance needs the use of pesticides is not required. Bamboo can fully grow in just 3 years, even after numerous harvests. This is extremely fast compared to other plants and trees that need more than 10 years to reach their full size. Due to its fast growth and low maintenance needs, bamboo doesn't produce negative environmental effects.

Bamboo absorbs greenhouse gases. Carbon dioxide absorption is 30% higher compared to other trees, which means that more oxygen is released into the atmosphere.

Bamboo leaves no waste. After harvesting, bamboo leaves no waste behind, as the whole plant is used to produce various products.

Bamboo needs very little water and no chemicals. Compared to other plants, bamboo requires very little water and no chemicals. It can easily succeed in different climates and poorer conditions. Bamboo grows on all continents (except Antarctica). This means that there is a possibility to reduce the transportation of bamboo and reduce transportation pollution.